Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas marriage

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas tied the knot on December 1 and 2 at the Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur. Priyanka Chopra was dating the American singer finally got hitched. The marriage celebrations were as royal as one can expect. Both got married in a Christian wedding and it is followed by a traditional Hindu ceremony. Priyanka's custom (hand-beaded Ralph Lauren gown) was paired with a jaw-dropping 75-foot veil for her Christian Ceremony. She wore a red Sabyasachi lehenga for hindu wedding. The internet world went gaga over the wedding photos shared by Priyanka and Nic on their respective social media handles.

The two have never shied away from their social media PDA and time and again the photos of Nickyanka (as their fans like to call them) have made their way on the social media. From much photos to travel pics, PeeCee and Nick are giving out some major couple goals to their fans who cannot stop gushing about them

This week, numbers once again seemed less critical than hegemonic power, especially for followers of one of the biggest Indo-American internet dramas perhaps ever: the marriage of the actor Priyanka Chopra to the former boy-band heartthrob Nick Jonas. An American perspective has dominated media coverage of the event, to the point that one of the biggest flurries in the Indian press around it had to do with an American article on the subject. A take on New York magazine’s The Cut went viral on Tuesday (then was deleted, after stoking widespread backlash) for deeming Chopra a “global scam artist,” in a tone that pinged confusingly between snarky and earnest. Its assertions were backed mostly by lines that led with the word I; the conclusion, which urged Jonas to escape on his baraat horse, painted him as both the victim and hero of the story; Chopra was a devious villain.

A marriage between an Indian woman and an American man hardly ranks as a paramount global concern—and yet it also serves as a chance to connect different perspectives through the act of cultural analysis. Chopra, a Bollywood star turned American TV fixture (as the lead of the recently canceled ABC drama Quantico), paired up with Jonas, whose own fame arguably hit a peak in the early 2000s, before his band, the Jonas Brothers, retired. The coupling offers a Ph.D. dissertation’s worth of material to parse. Chopra’s status in India as a superstar seems not to translate to America, while Jonas’s quick slide into Indian married life—notoriously hard to exit from, and beset with many familial players—appears dazzled and hasty. Meanwhile, the visual opulence of the duo’s courtship is matched only by the swiftness of its timeline. The invitation of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the wedding’s most divisive guest, affords an opportunity to examine the uneasy merger of celebrity and politics. Instead, any such analysis has taken a backseat to a media drama that reveals—to a greater degree than does most celebrity coverage—a modern inability to connect.

The intricate, layered optics of the pairing are reflected in the ways in which critical dissection of it has fallen short. Both phenomena—the coupling itself, and the debate around it—make clear how segregated the online town square, so to speak, is. As a member of a prime overlap in interested parties—I am an Indian American woman in media—I’ve found the most elucidating analysis to be among desi women, who text other desi women sophisticated hot takes that are rarely, if ever, shared in mixed company. Likewise, that an article as glaringly off-key as The Cut’s gets okayed in the first place reflects an institutional homogeneity in how ideas are vetted.

In an interview a day after the wedding festivities, Mrs Jonas disclosed that both of her two dressed were personalized for her.

"For me, it was not about fashion. I wanted something unique. Both the dresses - red and white - were personalized for me... I had names, dates, my parents' names... my mother-in-law's wedding dress embroidered on mine... things that mattered to me. I wanted the longest veil in the world... My 75-foot long veil... and I got that. The outfits were personal choices,” she revealed

Interestingly, they both wore custom Ralph Lauren at their Christian wedding to mark a special occasion in their life. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas first appeared publicly together at the Met Gala in which they both wore Ralph Lauren.

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