What should you buy on this Black Friday?

Black Friday is here! I am always wondering what should i buy on Black Friday? Every year, i look around for doorbusters Black Friday deals from major retailers like Target, Best Buy, Walmart and online websites like Amazon. There are many deals on their plate to confuse you. So what should you do? I will tell you what i am going to do.

First, make list of products that you really need and should be buying in next few months, also add gift items. Generally, Black Friday deals are good for buying Electronics, appliances, games. Please don't buy Toys on black Friday deal as you will have better prices before Christmas.

Second, you make list of available deals from different stores for the products that you are going to buy. I generally check prices at Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Sears (they closing their stores), Office depot, Staples, Costco, Amazon, Ebay etc..

Third, Compare the prices and discount they are offering on same products. Make sure to check product specifications when comparing electronic items like laptop or TV. You can get Intel i5 7th generation and i5 8th generation (same way i7 with 7th generation and 8th generation). The prices of laptop vary depending on the processor, RAM size, Hard drive type (SSD or not) and size. Graphic cards etc...

Finalize the list of products that you are going to buy before going to the store or Online. also, check the total budget and do not over spend.....

Good luck and happy Buying!!!

Happy Thanks giving to all!

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